The One Resolution You Need To Make For Me

The last year hasn’t been the easiest at times as so many people I love and care about had their lives negatively effected by chronic disease and despite having brilliant medical care, it just wasn’t enough.

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5 Tips To Avoid The Festive Flab

Probably one of the most popular questions we come across this time of year is how to have your Xmas cake and eat it without piling on the pounds. This is completely understandable as there’s so much more temptation around the festive period, a greater desire to let your hair down, not to mentioned some added stressors to cope with as we tackle the xmas shopping in the gloomy, wet weather etc, etc.  One thing to emphasis here is that we are just like you. We have a few more treats than we usually do around December, crave comfort foods with the darker mornings and shorter days and it is Christmas after all!

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Fitter Food Radio Episode 58

Fitter Food Radio – Episode 58

We have the awesome Dr Tommy Wood back on the show and this time we discuss male hormone health and what we can do to optimise it. Our main focus is of course testosterone, how important it is and reasons why it’s probably not as optimal as it could or should be.

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Listen again to episode 54 of Fitter Food Radio

Fitter Food Radio – Episode 54

This week Keris and Matt interview Lucy Rocco, founder of Soberistas is an online community for anyone who wants help to stop drinking, providing a safe and secure space where people can offer one another support for problem drinking.

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Booze: Do Calories Count?

With the Government proposing nutritional labelling for alcoholic drinks we ask whether it will bring about the desired effect or simply drive the calorie counting craze further in the wrong direction.

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There is more to life than bread, chocolate and alcohol.

We all have our favourite foods, beverages and past times, some are healthier than others but that’s all good. What we do and what we eat has a huge impact on our energy, mood and outlook so it’s important we get it right. It’s also important that the wrong things don’t dictate our emotions.

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