5 Steps to Fire Up Your Metabolism

If you have followed Fitter Food for some time now you’ll know that we’ve been going on for years about the essentials of fat loss which include eating nutritious food, moving daily, exercising a few times a week, sleeping soundly and managing stress. All of these support optimal hormone health and the body’s natural mechanisms for healthy weight management. Everyone needs to master the basics before they progress to more advanced protocols. However, we also acknowledge that some people’s bodies need an extra nudge to get results or maybe your fat loss has stalled a little. The following are just a few simple steps you can implement that can kick your metabolism into action.

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Fitter Food Radio – Episode 60

This week Matt and Keris speak to James Swanick about giving up alcohol, intermittent fasting, paleo and blue light blocking glasses.

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Four Easy Stress Recovery Steps

It’s been a pretty busy couple of months at Fitter Food headquarters (aka Matt’s teenage bedroom since we moved back in with his Mum). We’ve been running on adrenalin, coffee and Quest bars for a few weeks to make sure our book is ready for Christmas and we also ran our final Fitter Food Academy this weekend.  We are fully aware of the damaging effects chronic stress has on our body, so now our biggest projects are done and dusted it’s time for both of us to thank our bodies for powering us through and invest back a little TLC.

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Fitter Food Podcast Episode 59

Fitter Food Radio – Episode 59

In this episode Matt and Keris play catch up and discuss the evolution of Fitter Food and its approach to nutrition. They discuss how to adapt a paleo foundation to work for you. They also look at high fat diets and why it may not be the answer to your fat loss problem.

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3 Things That Got Me Through The Most Stressful Week

This week is certainly up there as one of the most stressful I’ve had all year. The deadline to get our book to the printers is this Friday. With recipe testing, editing, referencing, macronutrient information and image design to finish, my ‘to do’ list went way beyond overwhelming at times. Running a business I’ve been here before and luckily I’ve made time to develop coping mechanisms that enable me to nail these projects without letting my health suffer in the process. I thought I would share with you 3 things that really helped me over the last few days when the going got really tough.

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The Most Effective Fat Loss Strategy Starts Here

At Fitter Food we’ve been in the industry a good few years now and had the opportunity to work with thousands of individuals both in person and online. We have helped people of all shapes and sizes with very different starting points, different goals and barriers to progress. This experience has allowed us to develop different strategies and approaches to ensure people get results, however, they all have one thing in common and start in the same place.

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5 Hassle Free Steps To Burn More Fat

It’s no secret that here at Fitter Food we prefer the simple life, we don’t like to cause ourselves unnecessary stress and overcomplicate things. This applies to our training, nutrition and lifestyle choices. Often this approach to fat loss may fall on deaf ears because many people believe fat loss can’t be simple and needs to involve complicated formula’s and fancy products to get results.

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5 Lessons From Dubai about Health, Happiness & Fat Loss

As you may or may not know, we’ve recently been in Dubai spreading the Fitter Food message with the help of Talise Fitness. Alongside some training sessions we’ve been coaching the folks over there about gut health, sleep, stress and hormone optimisation. A truly amazing bunch of people showed up and we had an awesome time chatting with them all about their health journeys. When I travel and have new experiences I am often reminded about some key factors that support optimal health, nothing revolutionary necessarily but rather gentle reminders of things that make me smile and enhance my health. I thought I’d share them with you all in this weeks blog.

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Keris Marsden Healthy

5 Daily Habits To Transform Hormone Health

Hormone health is frequently talked about across the health and fitness industry. It’s certainly significant and we do a lot to educate people about how hormones work and how they may impact upon your health goals. However, I frequently see people fly off immediately to get tests done, buy expensive supplements and start posting in Facebook groups for help as a first point of call.

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