Fitter Food Radio – Episode 58

We have the awesome Dr Tommy Wood back on the show and this time we discuss male hormone health and what we can do to optimise it. Our main focus is of course testosterone, how important it is and reasons why it’s probably not as optimal as it could or should be.

What is Fitter Food Radio?Fiter Food Radio Episode 58

Fitter Food Radio is a to the point, no BS weekly podcast series presented by the authors of “Fitter Food – A lifelong Recipe For Health & Fat Loss” and “The Paleo Primer” Matt Whitmore and Keris Marsden. It’s dedicated to health, fat loss, training, performance and other lifestyle factors all in the name of helping you become awesome. All this along with a bit of banter, good laughs and stories of our own personal journeys we aim to change the quality of as many peoples lives as possible.

Both coffee lovers hugely passionate about real food, daily happiness, helping others and thriving in life with the odd bit of ice cream and bacon here and there.

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