Top 5 Fat Loss Tips

There are a hundred and one diet programmes available these days; Dukan , Zone, Caveman, Blood Type, Metabaolic Typing blah blah blah … a result we’re all suffering from information overload and totally confused when it comes to diet.  Forget the diet fads there are some essential things that EVERY person should adhere to within their diet.

1. Go with your gut!

An optimal diet starts with good digestion.  If you are not absorbing the nutrients you eat it doesn’t matter what you eat you will struggle to feel healthy and energised.  If you suffer from bloating, wind or discomfort after eating it’s a warning sign your tum isn’t happy and you have to identify the triggers and eliminate them immediately.    Follow our guide to a Good Gut.



2. Food =  Fuel

Before you put anything in your mouth don’t think about calories, fat or carbs, think about nutrients. How does your food fuel your working day?  Does it contain vitamins, essential minerals, Omega  3’s or monounsaturated fats.  Check our Daily Dose guide to the discover the best sources for your daily nutrient requirements.


3. Keep it natural

Processed food are tough on our bodies.  They often contain a substantial amount of chemicals in the form of additives, preservatives and other man made substances.  The more energy your body devotes to breaking these down substances the less time it can focus on utilising the good stuff.  Furthermore some food like grains actually hinder our bodies ability to absorb essential minerals.  As a result if your diet is high in processed foods you are almost definitely suffering from malnutrition.  Natural foods like meat, fish, egg, fruit, vegetables and legumes are easy for our bodies to use maximising the efficiency of our metabolism. So go ahead and give your diet an au naturel feel.

4. Eat fat to burn fat!

Everyone is scared of fat but we need good fats for the energy to burn fat.  Fat is a readily available source of energy and can be utilised by our body for essential metabolic functions.  Coconut oil in particular contains medium chain fatty acids which can be efficiently used by our bodies as an excellent source of fuel.  Check out our guide to fats and how to get your daily fix.


5. Beware of the S factor

Stress, sleep and sugar are your worst enemy and impact hugely on your body composition.  Lack of sleep disrupts your hormones including those that control appetite and metabolism.  The more run down your body becomes the more it will struggle to use the foods you eat for energy and opt to store them as fat instead.
Stress also impacts negatively on your body particularly digestion and blood sugar control.  The addition of sugar into the mix is like a grenade, playing havoc with our energy levels and mood.  You have to get these three under control otherwise no matter how good your intentions are you could be fighting a losing battle.