So I’ve Not Been Too Well

When you fall ill it can feel impossible to take the time out your body needs to recover. Here are my 6 essential tips for getting back on your feet after a nasty bout of illness.

Keris coping with illness with natural remedies

Around two weeks ago I woke up with that razor blade feeling in my throat.

Not wishing to be a wimp I powered on with my day but skipped the morning run you’ll be pleased to hear.

Over the following few days, I woke up feeling the same but I had some work commitments I had to fulfill so I kept showing up thinking I’d shake off this bug.

But I didn’t.

Immune Support Essentials

I wrote off exercise and began nailing some immune support including (are you ready…?)

Liposomal vitamin C
Nano silver spray
Cod liver oil
Reishi mushrooms
Root ginger shots
Garlic (capsules and cloves)
Oregano oil
Lemon balm oil
Turmeric root smoothies and

I extended my overnight fast which helped, I took the fact that I wasn’t hungry as a sign my body would rather devote energy to my immune system rather than metabolisefood.

Despite doing a good job of holding it at bay and being able to function new symptoms kept developing, by day 5 I developed a strange rash on my back and blisters on my legs.

Google confirmed the end was near 😔

So I headed to the GP who was flippin’ awesome.

I had so many symptoms by that point they checked everything, swabbed me from head to toe and suggested I take two types of antibiotics until the swab results came back.

Of course, I wasn’t keen but at that point, I’d be bonkers not to.

Within 24 hours they kicked in and every symptom stopped. I began healing and I felt human again for the first time in a week.

Moral of the story…

If you fall ill or even start with a sniffle, achy joints, digestive issues, headache…

1. STOP working, ditch any plans and definitely stop training ASAP.

2. Prioritise mental and physical REST and of course sleep. Stay at home and away from further infections.

3. FAST (even just for 12-16hrs) to give your immune system the time it needs to fight the good fight.

4. If your symptoms are not an emergency (call 111 if unsure) TRY some natural remedies and eat nutritiously as a first line approach.

5. If things aren’t improving SEEK medical advice. The reassurance, support, and relief knowing I’d outsourced the problems to my GP instantly transformed my state of mind and remember our emotional health can support the healing process too, anxiety raises cortisol which suppresses immune function.

6. STARTon some daily immune support now as the seasons are changing. REMEMBERphysical and emotional stress will suppress immune function, sleep and rest nourish it.

We have lots of suggestions in this article here that you can get started with.

And if you do fall ill at any point I highly recommend watching the Cold Feet reruns on Netflix, they go great with a batch of homemade FITTER collagen fudge. Recipe here.

Yours in health,

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