The Other Side of Cancer

I’ve been reflecting on something this week and I wanted to share it with you.

Keris and Hamish

Sadly, I’ve worked with many clients diagnosed with cancer or other life threatening conditions..

There’s something I pick up on pretty quickly in all of these cases.

That something is the fear.

It hits people harder than the disease itself.

It resides in the eyes, not just of the person suffering, but in all of their loved ones too.

The sight of it always brings tears to mine.

This fear is born from a realisation that life will often be shorter than we would have liked and at some point, beyond our control, we will all say one final goodbye.

The fear is born from the acknowledgement that you may not have enough time left to do everything that you hoped to do.

The fear creeps in from a regret, because time was available, however, it got devoted to other things, things that that don’t seem all that important now.

Precious energy, attention and hours were wasted worrying about things that never happened, what others thought, said or did and so much other irrelevant stuff.

The fear acknowledges parting company with a body you never really loved enough, nor fully appreciated the chance to own, until now.

The fear shows us that time is passing too quickly, after years of feeling like fast was never fast enough.

It suddenly becomes difficult to contemplate there might not be much time to day dream about the future, let alone live it.

As part of my work I do my best to help take away the fear.

To nourish and support the body with nutrition, but also to encourage people to go off and do the things in life that flood their body with happiness.

Because the immune system is always strongest when you are smiling.

But lately seeing the fear reminds me that my life will be shorter than I would like.

So I’ve made it my mission to ensure the fear encourages me to create an abundance of memories now, so I can bathe in them later when the time comes.

Being busy, creating, achieving and smashing any challenges thrown my way is my weekly default mode.

But it all means nothing if I don’t the make time to savour those precious moments in my life.

The simple things.

Watching the sunset with a cup of tea on our doorstep.

Singing loudly (badly) whilst driving (also badly!).

Losing myself in one of Matt’s giant hugs and all the laugh out loud times I share with my amazing friends and family.

The point of this post is that I just want to remind you to do the same.

It shouldn’t require fear, you should do the things you love with those you love more often.

Every single day.

Because life IS short.

There are no promises or guarantees when it comes to health but the best outcomes are always accompanied by large doses of smiles, laughter, love and appreciation for everything you have in life.

And remember you won’t fear leaving the party if you had the most epic time 🙌👌