The Phone Call That Transformed Fitter Food

Just over a year ago I received a phone call that changed my life and transformed Fitter Food. I can remember it word for word and I’m going to share it with you now.

The Phone Call That Transformed Fitter Food

Keris on the PhoneThe call was from my dad and he delivered in a very matter of fact manner that he’d just left the hospital where a scan had discovered a malignant tumor on his kidney.

The months that followed were a whirlwind of activity and emotions, culminating in a robot removing his kidney, fascinating eh?!

My dad ended up having that initial ultrasound because for the last few years I’ve been running functional blood chemistry, urine and hormone tests on both my parents as a preventative, health MOT measure.

I’d identified some markers that I wanted investigating further and referred him back to his GP.

My Dad’s nephrologist told him he was lucky, his cancer would have been a different story by the time symptoms appeared at a later stage.

Keris and her Parents

Had I Just Got Lucky?

He informed me that I “just got lucky” as the test results were a coincidence and a kidney tumour was not linked to the markers we had tested.

BUT the tests I had run on my parents allowed me to identify signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation, problems with blood sugar regulation, thyroid hormones and we tested some cancer antigen markers (proteins produced by tumours).

I didn’t look at one single marker but rather a collection of indicators and that’s how I ended up referring him. In all honesty, I didn’t suspect cancer but that’s what we found.

The comment about getting ‘lucky simply fired me up.

I didn’t want to just be lucky – but I’ll take it on this occasion 🙂 I wanted to KNOW more.

The whole situation has fuelled me to study more, especially regarding functional testing, disease processes, identifying symptoms and establishing the underlying dysfunctions that drive so many chronic diseases.

Catching them early with regular assessments, including a visiting a professional nutritional therapist, creates very different outcomes as I discovered with my own parents.

It goes without saying that implementing daily preventative measures decreases your risk and massively supports recovery and survival should you find yourself challenged at any point.

Matt and Keris Discuss Fitter Food Principles The process has transformed Fitter Food.

Not in terms of the principles we advocate but rather consolidating the importance of what Matt and I do.

We’re the first to confess that we find running a business challenging and intimidating at times, we’ve discussed easier paths in life but then we get to witness first hand the awesome power of nutrition, exercise, weight loss, good gut health, targeted nutritional supplements and a healthy mindset when it comes to disease prevention.

Fitter Food Values

Like a mini high five, it helps us truly appreciate the value of what we do with Fitter Food and inspires us to keep creating more resources to help change lives and it was the motivation behind our 16 week lifestyle transformation plan, Fitter 16.

One thing that has stood out in all my research is the FACT that a lifestyle transformation will genuinely save and extend your life by completely altering your biochemistry.

Disease processes are signaled to you via feedback from your body, it could be weight gain, depression, fatigue, bloating, joint pain, hormone imbalances, high blood pressure or cholesterol problems, so DO NOT ignore these and let them progress into something more serious.

Fitter 16 Progress ReportAfter countless hours of research, I can confidently say Fitter 16 is a brilliant place to start because it’s based on the principles of lifestyle medicine and nutritional therapy (and we wrote it lol!)

With a guided elimination diet, sensible and sustainable weight loss guidance, a structured training plan and eBooks on gut health, eating out, supplements and building a strong mindset it will help you tackle the key causes and drivers of many health issues.

Fitter 16 is a Life Long Journey

It’s not a 28-day process.

It’s not even a 16-week process.

It’s a lifelong journey, but it gets easier and more enjoyable as your energy and enthusiasm return day by day.

I’m not the only one who’s come to this conclusion either, these guys agree….

Feedback on the Fitter Food Fitter 16 Transformation Plan

Please don’t delay investing in your health. Head to to get started.

Fitter 16 Lifestyle Transformation Plan