Expert Interview: Sarah Doyle – The Better Life Project

Over the next few weeks I’m doing some expert interviews with some folks who have appeared on our Fitter Food Radio podcast and speak at Fitter Food events as they follow similar principles to Matt and I. We love collaborating with them as they have a similar passion for health and wellbeing that’s infectious!

This week I chat to the lovely Sarah Doyle, life coach and founder of The Better Life Project. We met on a course in Portugal and she has since jumped onto Fitter Food Radio Episode 55. We always have so much to chat about when it comes to women and their intimate relationship with food, exercise and their body that we’ve also launched a podcast called Fit Girls Talk. Each week we discuss our own experiences; the highs and lows, steps forward or backwards and the lessons we’ve learned on our own health journeys and that of our clients. Sarah is also attending our Fitter Food Academy on 21 Nov so don’t miss out on a chance to be inspired by her enthusiasm, energy and awesome advice.

IMG_5062How did you start out on your health journey?

I’ve always been sporty but I guess I really started looking after my body when I was about 24 and started weight training. Its been a roller coaster ride since and I have had some pretty bad lows but I came out the other side stronger, happier, healthier and more positive.

What did you use to do that now makes you do a face palm?

I acted like a maggot around boys because I never understood my own worth or value as a women. I played down my strengths and acted dumb in order to be more fanciable.

You’re focus involves helping people improve self esteem, body confidence and emotional wellbeing, what are the first steps you encourage people to take to get to a happier place in life?

Take ownership and take action. We’re not perfect beings and we never will be, so take action on what scares you and live the life that you dream about living. You’re the only one stopping you 🙂

What mistakes do you think most people make in their approach to health?

People expect too much, too fast and give up too soon. Very few people actually know what healthy feels like so they chase and chase something never really knowing what it looks like.

IMG_0537What are the most popular health movements drive you nuts?

Paleo. Only because there are too many people doing it with no real understanding of what it actually is or why they’re doing it. Just because CrossFit said so doesn’t make it right for you.

Tell what a typical day of nutrition looks like for you?

Eggs and bacon with coffee for breakfast, the usually meat, vegetables and salad for lunch and dinner. I snack on dark chocolate or greek yogurt with oats. Peanut butter makes a frequent appearance also. I’m a totes relaxed eater who like to eat “real food” 80% of the time and then enjoy whatever else I want the rest of the time. Balance, moderation and perspective are my main ingredients when thinking about my daily food intake.

How can people train their brain and body each day to empower themselves more?

Use positive affirmations. First and foremost you need to address the negative self talk – challenge it, embrace it and give your positive self talk a chance to shine.

IMG_5431What does a regular training week look like for you?

At the moment, 2 CrossFit sessions and 1 Power Lifting session a week with lots of walking our dog, Princess Lizzie in-between.
Do you take any training or nutrition supplements to support your health?


Name something you do every single day without fail to look after your health?

Sarah time. This is what I call my self care time. Whatever it is that I am doing the only person I’m looking after in this moment is me.

What has been your biggest health breakthrough in the last few years?

That I’m bleeding fabulous and don’t need to lose weight in order to be more fabulous.

Who inspires you?

The people who are in my life like my partner James, my friends, sisters, and mom but also other people in my industry like Asley Graham, Ronda Rousey and Katie Hilcox.

What are you passionate about?

Creating things to help people

FFA21NOVSDPromoTileIGSarah Doyle will be speaking at the Fitter Food Academy on 21 November with an amazing seminar on “The Five Habits of Highly Awesome People.” She’ll be covering how not to fear failure, judgment or rejection/the true meaning of happiness/How to have unshakable self confidence and listen to your authentic voice. You can by tickets HERE.