Load up on lemons and limes

These zingy citrus fruits have long been renowned for their antioxidant content and high levels of vitamin C which is why everyone tells you to drink honey and lemon tea when you catch a cold.

Lemons and Limes are used across different cultures for their protective, antibiotic effect.  The flavonoids and Vitamin C in these citrus fruits have also been known to help in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as hayfever and asthma by breaking down histamine (inflammatory chemical produced by an over-reactive immune system).


Lemons and Limes although acidic in composition actually have an alkaline effect on the body making them the perfect partner to more acidic dishes like meat or fish. They are low in calories but have strong taste making them perfect to flavour dishes.  Ideally try not to cook or bake as many of the nutrients and especially the vitamins will be destroyed above temperatures over 175 degrees.  Ideally add the juices at the end of the cooking process or when the food is plated.

Start your day with warm water and lemon juice to cleanse your digestive system and stimulate the liver.  Squeeze over salads and cooked vegetables as a dressing or adding to your drinks is a really easy way to get a dose throughout the day, try these:

Lime and mint water

Add fresh lime juice and wedges to your water throughout the day, you can also add in herbs like fresh mint or parsley, making your daily hydration a great source of antioxidants.

Lemon and Ginger Steeper

Juice of half a lime and chop big chunks of fresh ginger add warm water.

Lime Cooler

½ tin coconut milk, handful crushed ice, juice of 2 limes and fresh mint leaves torn.