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Raise a Glass to More of This

It’s that time of year again where you begin to consider what will work this time in your quest to be healthy. Maybe you should temporarily move into the gym, just live on celery dipped in fat free yogurt or not touch a carb until the clocks go forward. Many resolutions decided (or just contemplated) in January are usually missing actual solutions to the problems that affect your health negatively. There’s ONE resolution in particular which is often overlooked but could make a big difference to your wellbeing.

What is it?

Striking a better balance between what you should do versus making time for the things you would really love to do.

This is definitely something many people struggle with and it has the potential to scupper all your good intentions.

Obviously if you really love eating pastries, downing pints, being glued to the sofa and ordering takeaways then you need a little more “should do” in your life.

However, what I tend to see is the opposite.

I come across a lot of people who struggle with sustainable change because they prioritise things they feel they “should do” and massively neglect what they really love doing.

It’s admirable that you make sure your boss/partner/kids/parents or pals are all sorted. Your emails and What’s App messages are all answered, Facebook is updated, exercise is ticked off, green smoothie downed, house is tidy and all jobs are done … phew… BUT it’s no wonder you NEED something to look forward to after all that!

In fact there’s a direct correlation between an increase in chocolate, ice cream and alcohol consumption and “should do” activities.

Should do’s in excess become tedious, uncomfortable and time consuming, they rapidly decrease your energy and feel good chemicals so you simply have nothing left once you’ve tackled them all.

AND a deficiency of things you love doing will cause a significant increase in cravings, lack of will power and overall motivation, especially with chronic exposure.

There are also the indirect effects to consider, you eat too fast or fail to prepare a healthy meal for yourself because there’s other things you should be doing. Sleep is disrupted because you fall asleep thinking about what you should do tomorrow. As for exercise, well that’s just a whole host of should do dilemmas.

It doesn’t matter if you have 110% enthusiasm now for positive change, it will fail at some point if the balance between should and would love to isn’t addressed.

Addressing the balance between should do and would love to’s should be top of YOUR resolution list and joining our new Fitter 365 community is second obviously 🙂

So promise me you’ll take a moment to consider what would you LOVE to do more of in 2019 and start to make it happen.