Cashew Teaser Bites

Another idea for sprucing up your dark chocolate fix, also great to make with kids and for converting milk chocolate lovers. These are simply delicious, enjoy!

Serves: 20

Prep: 15 Minutes

Cook: 10 Minutes


  • 180g cacao liquor (we use Willies Cacao or Detox Your World) or dark chocolate with 90-100% cocoa solids
  • 200g creamed coconut bar (we use Biona)
  • 170g crunchy cashew butter (we used Meridian, if you cannot source crunchy nut butter simply add some finely crushed/chopped cashew nuts)
  • 80g xylitol
  • 3 tbsp chia seeds
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • Chocolate moulds (but you can use an ice cube tray as an alternative)


  1. Melt the cacao and creamed coconut bar in a glass bowl over simmering water.  Once melted stir in the cashew butter, xylitol and vanilla extract.
  2. Pour the chocolate mixture into the chocolate mould, allow to cool and then transfer to the refrigerator or freezer to set for a couple of hours.
  3. Keep refrigerated.