Epic Beef Burgers

You really can’t go wrong with a good old beef burger, whether the sun is shining and you’ve fired up the BBQ, or it’s a cold winter’s night and you’re in need of some comfort food. This juicy bad boy packs a protein punch, a massive nutrient hit AND is bursting with flavour.

Serves: 4

Prep: 10 minutes

Cook: 25 minutes


  • 500g beef mince
  • 1 small red or white onion finely chopped
  • 1-2 garlic cloves crushed or finely chopped
  • 1 tsp mustard powder
  • 2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 heaped tbsp tomato puree
  • Himalayan salt or Celtic salt & freshly ground black pepper
  • Cheddar cheese to top the burgers with (optional)


  1. Pre heat the oven to 200°C/180°C fan/350°F/gas mark 4.
  2. Combine all ingredients except for the cheese together in a large bowl using your hands before making into 4 big burger patties and placing on a grill tray
  3. Place in the oven and cook for 20-25 minutes
  4. Place desired amount of cheese on top of the burgers for the last 2-3 minutes of cooking or until cheese has melted
  5. Enjoy with some crinkle cut sweet potato chips and in a crispy lettuce wrap and you have to have these with or home made ketchup which you can see here. Its super easy to make