Have a Heart

Did you know Co-Enzyme Q10 (COQ10) can help increase energy production in the body and burn fat?

Lambs Heart Tagine

Sadly most people think it can only be found in the supplement section of a health food store. Whilst this is true it’s incredibly pricey and there’s a much cheaper dietary source readily available at most supermarkets and all butchers; heart. Heart, like all meat, is a fantastic source of iron, zinc and B vitamins but also crucially CoQ10.

Ok ok, this may not be your first choice on any menu, in fact you rarely see it on any menu due to it’s lack of popularity! Many people feel very squeamish about eating organ meats, which is a nutritional tragedy as they are so jam packed with nutrients and will certainly help you on your way to hitting your health goals – including fat loss. Eating heart in particular not only gives you vital nutrients for an energy hit but can also help decrease your risk of cardiovascular disease longer term.

We have Keris’s mum to thank for this fantastic recipe that combines lamb’s heart with sweet potato to make a sweet, spicy tagine. We ask that you try it just once but we are pretty sure you’ll enjoy it time and time again.