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21 Day Menopause Support Hub


Our brand new Menopause Support Hub begins on Monday 27 September and provides 21 days of expert coaching on thriving during perimenopause, menopause, and beyond from a highly experienced team of health professionals, including from the Newson Clinic. Features expert sessions on: HRT, vaginal health, herbal medicine support, weight loss during menopause, and more. All sessions are recorded and you get life time access to the materials.

Hurry! Places are now limited.


Are you currently struggling through a minefield of menopause issues including hot flushes, weight gain, insomnia, brain fog, mood imbalances, irregular cycles, vaginal changes, and pelvic prolapses?

Perimenopause and menopause symptoms can be complex, far-reaching, and unpredictable. Women are rarely prepared for the experience and often left feeling at the mercy of their hormones.

This shouldn’t be the case today, there’s now extensive research confirming many simple interventions are highly effective in rebalancing hormones and restoring a woman’s quality of life.

All you need is a team of trusted menopause professionals to guide you through the process. This is exactly what our brand new 21 Day Menopause Support Hub is designed to do, it launches on Monday 27 September. 

Take Back Control Of Your Body With Our Expert Team

Perimenopause and menopause are a transformative time in a woman’s life, both emotionally and physically and sadly, for many, a time of increased anxiety and confusion about the impending ‘change’.

To help support and guide you through the process we’ve gathered a team of experts including a Newson Menopause Clinic GP, medical herbalist, vaginal health expert, and pelvic health physio, PLUS weight-loss experts, nutritionists, and fitness professionals to ensure you have the knowledge, resources, and support to take an integrated approach to your own menopause journey.

Having battled through my own menopausal hormone levels for years, I’ve been lucky to have the expertise and connections to health professionals to devise a holistic hormone plan for myself.

I have experienced the benefits of this holistic approach first-hand and I’m passionate about creating the same opportunity for other women. So I have enlisted these trusted experts to help me run the first-ever 21 Day Menopause Support Hub.

Who Is the Menopause Support Hub For?

The 21 Day Menopause Support Hub is for busy women who are ready to take control of their hormone health.

Women who are ready to slow down, reflect and prioritise some much-needed self-care.

This is for:

  • Any woman and her hormones!
  • Perimenopausal/Menopausal and Post Menopausal women
  • Women who are concerned about hormone health and worried about burning out
  • Women experiencing any hormone issues such as PCOS, Endometriosis, Peri-Menopausal/Menopausal, PMT, Fertility-Issues, Osteoporosis, Thyroid-Issues

This video explains a bit more about what’s involved…

What Is Included In The Hub?

21 days of coaching from a highly experienced team of professionals delivering interactive sessions on:

  • Weight loss, metabolic health, and thyroid support through menopause
  • Safe, effective, and personalised Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
  • Vaginal health, genitourinary issues, and pelvic dysfunction
  • Bone density and joint support
  • The lowdown on libido loss
  • Herbal medicine support for menopause
  • Personalised menopause nutrition and exercise programmes

Interactive Sessions: Our interactive sessions take place 2–3 times a week and on weekday evenings @ 7.30pm *all sessions will be recorded and lifelong access provided

Location: Your hub will be run through a private Facebook group with daily interaction from members. All guest expert sessions will take place on ZOOM with dedicated time for Q&A afterward.

Bonus content: LIVE Facebook sessions, meal plans, menopause recipes, yoga, and mobility routines.



Why I signed up for the hub

Meet Your Menopause Support Hub Expert Team

21 Day Menopause Support Hub - Keris Marsden, Fitter Food

Keris Marsden (Fitter Food) HUB HOST
Clinical Nutritionist, Lecturer, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher

Expert Sessions: Weightloss, Calories & Macronutrients, Nutrition for Strong Bones, Thyroid Support

Keris runs the healthy lifestyle company Fitter Food with her partner Matt. They have co-authored two successful, published books and coach online via their membership site Fitter 365. Keris also lectures in nutrition and supports an extensive private client base. She has a specialist interest in menopause health after supporting her mum through breast cancer treatment and experiencing menopausal hormone levels herself. She devised an integrated approach to resolve her issues that included nutrition, exercise, supplements, lifestyle changes and personalised hormone replace therapy. Having observed the positive impact a holistic approach to hormones health can bring she’s keen to encourage other women to do the same.

Expert sessions with Keris include:

Diets, Fasting & Weightloss 

  • Overview of metabolic changes across perimenopause and menopause
  • How to implement safe and effective fasting protocols
  • Evidence base review of effective diet interventions to support menopause weight loss
  • Q&A

Interactive Calorie & Macronutrient Workshop

  • DIY session on calculating appropriate calorie intake
  • Guidance on establishing appropriate macronutrient (protein, carbohydrates and fats) targets
  • Practical tips on simplifying energy intake to support weight management
  • Q&A
Bulletproof Your Bones & Joints Through Menopause & Beyond
  • Essential nutrients for strong bones and robust joints
  • The vital role of movement in supporting healthy joint function
  • An evidence-based approach to addressing inflammation and joint pain with targeted supplements and phytonutrients
  • Q&A

Thyroid Support Beyond Thyroxine

  • Thyroid hormones and menopause
  • Overview of thyroid testing and conventional medical approach
  • Nutrition, supplement, exercise and lifestyle support to optimise thyroid health
  • Q&A

21 Day Menopause Support Hub - Dr Jane Robertson - Newson Clinic

Dr Jane Robertson (Newson Clinic)
GP With a Specialist Interest in Menopause

Expert Session: HRT

Jane qualified from Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School in 1996. She initially worked as a GP in Northwest London. She has been working at a surgery in Worcestershire for the past 15 years. She enjoys the variety and continuity of care that exists within general practice.

Attending the theory course for the Diploma in Menopause Care run by the British Menopause Society in 2012 ignited her interest in the care of women going through the perimenopause and menopause. The practical sessions to finish the diploma were completed at Birmingham Women’s Hospital.

Her experiences within general practice, personally, and with family/friends have been key to Jane realising the extent and huge variation of psychological and physical symptoms that women may experience during the perimenopause and menopause and in particular how early the perimenopause can begin. These symptoms can have a massive impact on their personal and professional lives. She feels passionately that women should receive full and adequate, evidence-based information to help them make decisions about their care, at this time in their lives.

Expert sessions with Dr Jane Roberston include:
  • Common symptoms of perimenopause and menopause
  • Overview of latest HRT treatment options
  • Risks and benefits of HRT: what the latest research says
  • Q&A session

21 Day Menopause Support Hub - Debbie Cotton

Debbie Cotton 
Naturopath and Clinical Researcher

Expert Session: Supporting Vaginal Health Through Menopause Transition

Debbie has completed an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Bachelor of Health Science, and a Masters of Integrative Psychotherapy. She has been in clinical practice for over fifteen years, including time in the NHS, and working as a lecturer in health sciences. She also works in product development and as part of the clinical education team at Invivo Clinical, a health diagnostics and supplement company.

Expert Sessions With Debbie Include:
  • Vaginal health changes through perimenopause and menopause; pH, vaginal dryness, and vulvovaginal atrophy
  • The vaginal microbiome and implications for preventing UTI’s and thrush
  • The impact of HRT on vaginal health
  • Nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to improve vaginal health through perimenopause and menopause
  • Q&A

21 Day Menopause Support Hub - Victoria Caulfield

Victoria Caulfield
Women’s Health Physiotherapist

Expert Session: Menopause and Pelvic Floor Health

After qualifying as a senior physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, Victoria went on to specialise in post-natal rehab and pelvic health after completing Mummy MOT ™ training. Her extensive clinical experience has enabled her to specialise in developing personalised treatment plans for women to help them address pelvic dysfunction. She launched the Postpartum Physio Blog discussing best practice, evidence-based treatments to empower women with knowledge to support pelvic health across each life stage and improve the standards of care provided by professionals.

Expert Sessions With Victoria Include:
  • Menopause statistics and physiological changes
  • Menopause and genitourinary symptoms
  • Treatment options and exercise adaptations to support pelvic health
  • Putting together your personal pelvic floor plan
  • Q&A

21 Day Menopause Support Hub - Carolina Brooks

Carolina Brooks
Medical Herbalist

Expert Session: Herbal Medicine Solutions for Menopause

Carolina Brooks is a certified functional medicine practitioner (IFMCP) who uses a systems biology and science-based approach to healthcare involving nutrition, genetics, herbal medicine, endobiogeny, and orthomolecular medicine. Her herbal medicine training encompasses Western, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Native American, and Mexican Curanderismo traditions. She has also trained in ear acupuncture and nutritional psychiatry. She runs her own clinic, Anthrobotanica which focuses on supporting those with complex chronic diseases and committed wellness seekers.

Expert Sessions With Carolina Include:
  • How to address common menopause challenges with herbal medicine. Includes traditional and evidence-based approaches
  • Treatment protocols and case examples
  • Safety and cautions using herbal medicine
  • Q&A

21 Day Menopause Support Hub - Matt Whitmore Fitter Food

Matt Whitmore (Fitter Food and The Strong Humans Club)
Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, Strength Enthusiast and Founder of The Strong Humans Club

Expert Session: Strength Training, HIIT and Building Muscle Through Menopause

Matt has worked in the fitness industry for over 20 years and runs the healthy lifestyle company Fitter Food together with Keris. Between them, they have authored a number of successful, professionally published books and coach online via their membership site Fitter 365. He has participated in marathons, boxing competitions and is now hooked on CrossFit. He’s passionate about inspiring people to optimise their health through fitness and prioritising safe and effective exercise to reduce the risk of injury. He also teaches an evidence-based approach to nutrition with a side of ice cream #balance He recently launched his own fitness clothing range: The Strong Humans Club, an ethical, sustainable brand that is also the start of an “inspirating” community of fit, strong human beings.

Expert Sessions With Matt Include:
  • Common myths and mistakes regarding exercise for weight loss
  • Effective programming for weight loss, reducing injury risk, increasing strength and fitness
  • Essential ingredients to build menopause muscle
  • Q&A

Claire Hughes - Menopause Hub

Claire Hughes: HUB MENTOR

Clinical Nutritionist, Sports Massage Therapist, And CrossFit Enthusiast

Claire is a busy mum of four and a member of the Fitter Food team.

She packs a lot into her day,  Crossfit training five times a week, working part-time as a nutritionist, sports massage therapist, and special needs teacher.

Having battled autoimmune psoriasis for most of her life she’s experienced first-hand the medicinal impact of nutritious food and a healthy lifestyle.

Claire is also currently maneuvering through her own menopause transition and implementing a series of nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise adaptations to support the process. She’s also recruited the support of herbal medicine and hormone replacement therapy to help with symptom management and is passionate about sharing the benefits of a holistic approach to hormones with other women.

She balances her hectic schedule with plenty of time walking on the beach with her dog Menna.

Claire will be in the private Facebook group providing support as a clinical nutritionist, mum, experienced Crossfitter, and offering several pearls of wisdom regarding her personal menopause journey.

Our special early bird offer runs until August 15th and places will go quickly. Secure your place in the hub today by hitting add to basket above. Or get in touch with any questions here: [email protected].

Menopause Support Hub


Frequently Asked Questions

When will the 21 Day Menopause Support Hub start?

The 21 Day Menopause Support Hub will begin on Monday 27 September and will run for 3 weeks until Sunday 17 October.

What if I can’t make the live sessions?

Don’t worry – all our Zoom and live sessions will be recorded and saved in the Facebook group, so you can watch back in your own time.

The Zoom sessions will be Thursday evenings but there will also be additional Facebook Lives throughout the week discussing various topics, you can catch up in your own time as everything stays in the Facebook group (filed in the guides section).

The Hub is specifically designed to work around anyone with a busy lifestyle too.
Keris and the Fitter Food team will also be in the Facebook group daily answering questions and providing LIVE content that you can view at a time convenient to you.

You will have lifetime access to the group content and the resources shared, so can revisit at any time.

Do I need a Facebook account to participate in the Hub?
The daily interaction with other hub members will take place via a private Facebook group. If you do not have a Facebook account you may wish to set one up dedicated to participation or simply take part in the expert sessions via Zoom. Other content including meal plans and yoga sessions will be made available via email too

What happens if I sign up and change my mind?
Once you book your place on the Hub you are committed to joining us and there are no refunds available.

I’m a Fitter 365 Member, is there a discount?
Yes – Fitter 365 Members save 10% and the code has been emailed to you.

How does this Support Hub differ from your Women’s Health, Hormones, and Happiness Retreat?
The 21 Day Menopause Support Hub is an extension of our popular Women’s Health, Hormones, and Happiness Retreat and focuses specifically on perimenopause, menopause, and beyond with more intensive support on topics such as vaginal health, pelvic floor, HRT, weight loss, and other key areas. The Support Hub features specialist support from a team of experts in women’s health issues and an opportunity to ask important questions about your personal experience of the journey into menopause.