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6 Week Kettlebell Challenge (Training and Meal Plan)


Fitter Food’s Matt Whitmore – a highly qualified Kettle Trainer (IKFF and RKC) – presents the Fitter Food 6 Week Kettlebell Challenge, a downloadable, week-by-week, complete kettlebell training and tailored nutrition plan, expertly designed for fat loss, strength and optimal performance in the gym!

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When performed correctly kettlebell training is a highly effective strength-building and fat-burning tool, but all too often the correct form is sacrificed in favour of quantity over quality!

The brand new Fitter Food 6 Week Kettlebell Challenge has been expertly designed to ensure you learn safe and effective kettlebell technique, meaning you can achieve fantastic results without risking injury or failing to build on your progress.

With any form of intense training there needs to be sufficient nutritional support to fuel exercise sessions and aid adequate recovery – ensuring you keep coming back leaner, stronger and performing at your best time after time. This is why we have complemented our training plan with a highly nutritious, tasty and easy to prepare meal plan, so that you can get the very best results over the next 6 weeks!

So what are you waiting for? Download the plan today and get stronger, leaner and fitter than you’ve ever been!

The Fitter Food 6 Week Kettlebell Challenge includes:

  • 6 weeks of highly effective and varied kettlebell sessions
  • Hours of video tutorials on correct kettlebell training technique
  • New and innovative kettlebells drills to perfect
  • Mobility and flexibility exercises to support optimal movement patterns, joint function AND prevent injuries
  • 6 week of highly nutritious and easy to prep meal plans adapted for training and non-training day
  • Fitter Scotch eggs…say no more!

There’s no waiting around for file delivery either. As soon as you purchase the plan your complete training and nutrition programme will be emailed across, so why not get started today!


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