Fitter Food Podcast 109: Healing The Body With Movement

I have to introduce you to a good friend of mine Alessandro Saba. He’s played a fundamental part in helping me fully understand the need to adopt a more holistic approach to exercise, focusing on healthy joint function, progressing your training skills and prioritising pain free movement.

A huge fan of mixed martial arts, he suffered from a number injuries and began to study physiology, massage therapy and Applied Movement Neurology. His finding led him to redefine his approach towards training with a new focus on the longevity healthy movement.

He’s now using his expertise and knowledge to help children recover from cancer treatment, using movement skills to promote cognitive rehabilitation.

I asked Alessandro to jump on Fitter Food Radio with me and share his experience and advice so YOU can become a better mover.

Together we discuss:

Dealing with injuries and how to rehabilitate joints:

The role of movement in health and longevity

The ONE essential component your training must have

The therapeutic role of exercise in reversing the processes of chronic disease

His amazing project helping children with cancer

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