The Women’s Health, Hormones and Happiness Workshop 2018 [DERBY]

When: Saturday 24 November 2018
Where: Derby Moor Academy, Derby
Cost: £25.00

Women's Health, Hormones and Happiness 2018 DERBY



Fitter Food are back in Derby to bring you a fantastic new event – The Women’s Health, Hormones and Happiness Workshop 2018.
Covering women’s health, hormones and happiness and specifically addressing female hormones, stress management, and contraception and HRT.
Our one-day women’s health, hormones and happiness conference is a must attend for all ladies with a passion and interest in a healthy, happy lifestyle


Tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring your own lunch.


Registration and welcome coffee/tea
11am -11.30am
Session 1
Understanding Female Health
Understanding the needs of the female body
Treating the root cause of health issues
The role of nutrition, exercise, environment, and relationships
11.30 – 12.15pm
Session 2
Understanding Hormones
The role of hormones in the human body
Importance of reproductive hormone balance – estrogen, progesterone and testosterone
The reproductive hormone relay: understanding the menstrual cycle
Understanding hormone interplay and the importance of insulin, thyroid hormones and cortisol.
12.15 -1pm
Lunch and Q&A
Session 4
Understanding Hormonal Complications, Contraception and HRT
Common hormonal complications
Health implications of contraceptive pill, coil, injection
A basic guide to hormone replacement therapy – benefits and risks
Session 5
Understanding How To Optimise Hormone Health
Nutrition for healthy hormonal function
Daily lifestyle habits to support hormone health
The impact of exercise on hormone health
Targeted nutrients and supplements to balance hormones health
Testing options to assess hormone status
2.30 – 3.15pm
Your Questions Answered and Close