Save £5.00 at Primal Pantry!

Here at Fitter Food we’re big fans of the Primal Pantry and even more of a fan of their delicious paleo bars! With 5 energy bars now in the range (each made with no more than 6 real ingredients) we’re delighted to offer our Fitter Foodies a very special offer so you can enjoy these yummy treats too!

Simply visit and use the code: fitterfood at checkout to save £5.00 off your order total*! Enjoy!

Primal Pantry Bars Group ShotPrimal Pantry was founded by Nutritionist Suzie Walker who was armed with nothing more than her kitchen blender, some dried fruit, coconut and nuts when she embarked upon a mission to create the perfect Paleo bar! Her wonderful taste testers were so impressed that The Primal Pantry was born! With 5 energy bars in the range, each made with no more than 6 ingredients and 0% junk. Free from GMOs, gluten, grains, dairy, soy and refined sugar.

Suitable for vegans, vegetarians and cavemen (and women) the bars were designed to provide people living a Primal lifestyle with the opportunity to buy a natural energy snack that they could carry around on-the-go and consume knowing that it’s ingredients are 100% Paleo and 0% junk.


*Please note sale items are not included in this offer.