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Five Things I’m Glad I Knew Before Running A Marathon

7th December 2016

In my last blog I wrote about the highs and lows of running a half marathon (check it out here). As much as I had a fantastic time and feel proud of what I achieved, I also made some big blunders by not sleeping enough, not eating properly and ignoring some niggling injuries. I firmly believe I'd never have made it to the starting line had I not implemented some really cool stuff prior to the race that made me a stronger runner. Here I share five things that supported my running goals.

Two Things I Know… Post Workout Recovery

2nd February 2015

Welcome to the first instalment of my “Two things I know..” blog series. The idea here is to highlight two pieces of information you can easily take on board and implement within your weekly routine. With so much information out there it's easy to become overwhelmed and overthink change - this often leads to procrastination and ultimately nothing gets done! Well, not on my watch!

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