Struggling With Two Steps Backwards

17th March 2020

When it comes to health we’re all on different journeys. Sometimes you're winning, moving forward and making progress, other times you're astounded by you're inability to get going or keep going and just keep reversing back to start line.

Post Exercise Carbohydrates: A Case for the Fitter Flapjack

19th November 2014

Although many of us have become a little 'carb-phobic' these days it's important to remember that in healthy quantities carbohydrates (including glucose and fructose) can be processed effectively by our body, either used for energy or stored in our muscles and liver as glycogen. For this reason one of the best times to consume carbohydrates is following exercise, when our need to replenish glycogen stores is greater.  

Basic Guide to Carbohydrates

1st October 2014

We're all a bit carb obsessed lately what with the influx of low carb, controlled carb, carb cycling diets that have dominated the nutrition and health scene.  Before you jump on the latest carb wagon it's wise to take some time to learn about carbohydrates as a group of macronutrients and how they are processed by our body.  This will help you determine your needs and possibly the food choices you subsequently make regarding carbohydrates. Here at Fitter Food we have simplified the science to help you out.

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