5 Lessons From Dubai about Health, Happiness & Fat Loss

6th October 2015

As you may or may not know, we've recently been in Dubai spreading the Fitter Food message with the help of Talise Fitness. Alongside some training sessions we've been coaching the folks over there about gut health, sleep, stress and hormone optimisation. A truly amazing bunch of people showed up and we had an awesome time chatting with them all about their health journeys. When I travel and have new experiences I am often reminded about some key factors that support optimal health, nothing revolutionary necessarily but rather gentle reminders of things that make me smile and enhance my health. I thought I'd share them with you all in this weeks blog.

Get outside and See What’s Around The Corner….

3rd September 2014

We've just returned from a weekend in Glasgow where we were presenting and exhibiting at the Scottish Fitness & Nutrition Expo. In total we were in sunny Scotland for 5 days and as much as we would have liked to have taken along our awesome dog Hamish, sadly no dogs were allowed at the Expo meaning we'd have to leave him behind. Fortunately for us, Matt's Mum stepped in as dog sitter for the week. During this time she had a sudden realisation about the wonders of walking which has inspired this post.

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