Fitter Food Radio – Episode 64

This week Matt and Keris recruit Dr Tommy Wood to explore the science behind pre and post workout nutrition including some industry favourites for performance and fat loss L-Carnitine, Beta-Alanine and coffee.

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Fitter Food Radio – Episode 63

Keris and Matt answer listener questions including High Intensity Interval Training versus steady state cardio and what to do if you find yourself gaining body fat despite eating cleaner and training more frequently.

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Fitter Food Radio – Episode 62

This week Matt and Keris interview Laura Thomas of Healthy Sugar Habits about battling sugar addiction, orthorexia and regaining control over your relationship with sugar.

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Fitter Food Radio – Episode 61

This week Keris and Matt interview Dr. Michael Ruscio a doctor, researcher and author who practices Functional Medicine with an emphasis on natural and nutritional solutions. Dr Ruscio discusses the latest research on the gut microbiome, how gut issues maybe associated with thyroid dysfunction and some common digestive disorders including small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

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Fitter Food Radio – Episode 60

This week Matt and Keris speak to James Swanick about giving up alcohol, intermittent fasting, paleo and blue light blocking glasses.

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Fitter Food Podcast Episode 59

Fitter Food Radio – Episode 59

In this episode Matt and Keris play catch up and discuss the evolution of Fitter Food and its approach to nutrition. They discuss how to adapt a paleo foundation to work for you. They also look at high fat diets and why it may not be the answer to your fat loss problem.

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Expert Interview: Dr Tommy Wood

This week we interview Dr. Tommy Wood, he’s a strength and conditioning coach (so he lifts!), he’s also a brainy fella; after studying medicine at Oxford University he went on to work as a doctor in central London for two years. He’s now completing a PhD in Norway researching neonatal brain metabolism. Tommy is also the Chief Scientific Officer for the Physicians and Ancestral Health Society and lectures across the globe on nutrition, lifestyle and chronic diseases.

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How To Burn More Calories In A Day

People often ask what is the best exercise is for fat loss or what exercise burns the most calories. Whilst we all know there’s so much more to health and fat loss, your gym sessions can still have a huge impact on your body composition if approached effectively. 

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Expert Interview: Sarah Doyle – The Better Life Project

Over the next few weeks I’m doing some expert interviews with some folks who have appeared on our Fitter Food Radio podcast and speak at Fitter Food events as they follow similar principles to Matt and I. We love collaborating with them as they have a similar passion for health and wellbeing that’s infectious!
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Fitter Food Radio Episode 58

Fitter Food Radio – Episode 58

We have the awesome Dr Tommy Wood back on the show and this time we discuss male hormone health and what we can do to optimise it. Our main focus is of course testosterone, how important it is and reasons why it’s probably not as optimal as it could or should be.

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