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Overcoming Burnout – Lessons from Portugal

19th December 2023

Earlier this year I decided to head to Portugal for the summer and was fortunate to be able to take 4 weeks completely off work. I was burnt out and struggling with some digestive issues worsened by Covid. I stayed…

Fitter Food Radio #178 – Setting Boundaries

26th September 2023

In this episode of Fitter Food Radio Keris and Matt discuss the importance of setting strong boundaries and having more discipline with our time to serve ourselves and others better. We hope you enjoy the episode, please remember to…

Front Crawling to Beat Brain Fog

22nd June 2023

Since having Covid I’ve not been able to exercise like I used to. I have to be mindful of the intensity and muscular tension. This is doubly frustrating as my symptoms really impact my ability to concentrate. I feel like…

Is This Wrecking Your Health?

13th June 2023

A few weeks ago in the park, Hamish squatted, ready to have a #2. I stood ready, poo bag in hand. He then got distracted, changed his mind and pottered off. I didn’t want people to think I was an irresponsible…

How to Get Beach Body Ready

6th June 2023

This time of year, you might be thinking about denim shorts or beachwear and not loving the idea. It’s totally normal. With all the social media pressure and current trends that include thongs, crop tops and the skimpiest swimwear…

ADHD: How’s Your Attention Span?

15th February 2022

The Times had a brilliant feature on ADHD recently, I completed the questionnaire and it confirmed I have it I’m pretty sceptical of questionnaires for this purpose (as you can imagine) and I also believe neurodiversity is a spectrum…

Getting Savvy With Your To Do Lists

31st January 2022

After a pretty low start to the year I’m pleased to say the last week was a goodun' and it’s mainly down to the mindset I’ve taken on things. Whilst I know it’s not always that simple I reminded myself that many of the things I was feeling low about were changeable and by myself only.

Make Time For Things You Love Instead of Things You Should

7th January 2022

I talked on Instagram last week about making emotionalutions rather than resolutions this year. Yes, it is a word! 🤣 In 2022 Matt and I are focusing on small things we can do that support our emotional state, so that we see positive changes in our overall health.

Fitter Food Radio #174 Revisiting Cancer

20th November 2021

This week on Fitter Food Radio Keris and Matt revisit the topic of cancer and discuss: Facts and figures around cancer The processes that take place with cancer and how genetics play a role Why check-ups and reporting symptoms…

This is Why You Don’t Look Like J-Lo

2nd September 2021

I recently read an article discussing how J-Lo is becoming an inspiration to all women approaching menopause. Enter the six pack. Now I blinkin love J-Lo, she’s fierce, but I couldn’t keep up with her in my 20’s let…

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