A Fitter Food Webinar: An Integrated Approach to Menopause

Webinar - An Integrated Approach to Menopause


Date: Wednesday 23 June, 2021
Time: 7.30 – 8.00am
Where: Zoom (Online) 
Cost: FREE


I’ve received lots of emails recently following Davina McCall’s recent documentary about Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) support for perimenopause and menopause.

It’s a topic close to my heart as my journey into Nutritional Therapy was really initiated by my mum’s breast cancer diagnosis. The lack of clarity and guidance she experienced in terms of her HRT treatment or any supportive lifestyle and nutrition changes led me to seek specialist advice and eventually study to find answers myself. I spoke to as many experts as I could find and devoured books on HRT and natural approaches to menopause.

I’m pleased the documentary has started some much-needed conversations that weren’t happening ten years ago and providing women with more clarity on the latest research and encouraging them to make an informed choice.

A few colleagues in the health industry have expressed disappointment at the lack of discussion regarding nutrition and lifestyle adaptations for the hormonal transitions that take place and the vital support role these can provide.

Whilst I understand their perspective I think the documentary marks a huge step forward in raising awareness and helping women understand they are not alone, many I know have simply suffered in silence. I include myself here, for a while I slowly lost my identity as the symptoms accumulated.

I hope future documentaries will highlight the role of nutrition, exercise, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle adaptations in minimising menopause symptoms, supporting the role of HRT (if you end up taking it), and lowering a woman’s risk of chronic diseases and metabolic complications associated with menopause.

It shouldn’t be an EITHER/OR approach either. There’s a place for both, the most important thing is establishing a personalised plan that’s suited to your needs, health history, and symptoms. Then it’s important to ensure you have some sort of professional input on a regular basis so it’s safe and effective.

I’ve supported several clients through this process and undertaken it myself so I’ll be running a FREE webinar discussing the importance of an integrated approach to perimenopause and menopause including guidance on hormone testing, HRT, nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, and mindset.

The webinar is free and will include:

  • Hormone transitions and what to expect
  • Hormone testing options
  • Nutritional support for hormone transitions
  • Power of phytonutrients and herbs for hormone symptoms
  • Food and lifestyle interventions to support bone density and metabolic health
  • Simple mindfulness-based interventions to improve menopause experience