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Could Creatine be Beneficial for You?

29th February 2024

There's one supplement that is currently on everyone's lips: Creatine I've watched my gym bro pals chug creatine monohydrate down for years and it turns out I should have been getting in on the action. Whilst it is a top supplement for improving performance during exercise, the main thing you need to take away is this...

Radical Acceptance

12th February 2024

Before heading off to Portugal last summer for my solo retreat I downloaded some books on mindset and healing. I use a combination of recommendations and reviews to find new things and I stuck them in Audible. Shortly after arriving,…

Dental Health Beyond Brushing Your Teeth

2nd February 2024

  Do you look after your teeth? I mean beyond brushing them and whitening treatments? You should. Your mouth is a pathway to your bloodstream. Think about it… …drugs can be delivered sublingually under the tongue…

Are You Corroding Inside?

24th January 2024

I recently ordered a set of blood tests as an annual health check. I asked Matt whether he’d like a test ordering and he responded with… ‘meh, not really’ I understand why, we’ve just paid out for some car…

Fitter Food Radio #184 – 2023 Reflections

19th December 2023

In this episode Keris and Matt look back and reflect on a year in health and use the reflection to discuss the best approach for 2024. Please remember to rate, review and subscribe. Find out more about Strong60…

Overcoming Burnout – Lessons from Portugal

19th December 2023

Earlier this year I decided to head to Portugal for the summer and was fortunate to be able to take 4 weeks completely off work. I was burnt out and struggling with some digestive issues worsened by Covid. I stayed…

Fitter Food Radio #183 – Dr Tommy Wood Returns

5th December 2023

Our favourite guest Dr Tommy Wood is back on the show and we discussed diet and cholesterol, the benefits of cardio and touched on the carnivore diet and whether there is a need for vegetables. Dr Tommy Wood will…

Fitter Food #182 – All About Cholesterol

29th November 2023

In this episode we get stuck into the subject of cholesterol, the role it plays and misconceptions around it. We hope you enjoy the conversation, please remember to rate, review and subscribe.

Fitter Food Radio #178 – Setting Boundaries

26th September 2023

In this episode of Fitter Food Radio Keris and Matt discuss the importance of setting strong boundaries and having more discipline with our time to serve ourselves and others better. We hope you enjoy the episode, please remember to…

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