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Getting Savvy With Your To Do Lists

Matt - Change this!

After a pretty low start to the year I’m pleased to say the last week was a goodun’ and it’s mainly down to the mindset I’ve taken on things.

Whilst I know it’s not always that simple I reminded myself that many of the things I was feeling low about were changeable and by myself only.

I had to have a word with myself and take responsibility and ownership of the situation.

A major part of this was getting savvy with my to do list and focusing on doing fewer things better rather than trying to do too much, rushing things and feeling frustrated when I don’t tick everything off.

I spent the whole week in London last week as I was covering for another coach who is away and whilst I missed Keris like mad it served as a great reminder of just how much I’m loving coaching at the moment.

It’s just great that a bigger chunk of my week is spent around people rather than on a laptop all the time.

So here’s to giving 110% to fewer tasks, spending time with good people and knowing that most things were are unhappy about can be changed.

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