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Radical Acceptance

12th February 2024

Before heading off to Portugal last summer for my solo retreat I downloaded some books on mindset and healing. I use a combination of recommendations and reviews to find new things and I stuck them in Audible. Shortly after arriving,…

Are You Corroding Inside?

24th January 2024

I recently ordered a set of blood tests as an annual health check. I asked Matt whether he’d like a test ordering and he responded with… ‘meh, not really’ I understand why, we’ve just paid out for some car…

My Biggest Fear In Life

20th September 2021

You’ve probably realised by now I love my kettlebells, running, walking, and yoga. Exercise is a daily feature in my life and never fails to transform me mentally. So obviously my biggest fear in life is losing the ability…

Hormones and Covid Symptoms

6th September 2021

Recently a number of clients have been in touch after experiencing more severe Covid symptoms and a few have been diagnosed with Long Covid. I noticed the majority tended to be peri-menopausal, transitioning through menopause, or highly active and…

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