Struggling With Two Steps Backwards

17th March 2020

When it comes to health we’re all on different journeys. Sometimes you're winning, moving forward and making progress, other times you're astounded by you're inability to get going or keep going and just keep reversing back to start line.

Battling Body Confidence Issues?

15th March 2020

Do you know I don’t particularly like the way I look. My body, my face nor my hair. If you asked my honest opinion on any of the above, I’d present a critical assessment of them all. My face is too round, my teeth are too big, my hair is wavy in all the wrong directions and receding, I have bingo wings, so much cellulite and a tummy that triples in size at the first sign of stress, broccoli or beans. Yet I feel so ashamed telling you all this.

‘Consciously Uncoupled’ Over Kale

19th August 2014

So apparently Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin 'consciously uncoupled' over a green smoothie. Wow we knew kale was pretty powerful stuff but making or breaking a marriage, that's heavy!  Before you ditch the spirulina for a Big Mac in a bid to improve your chances of a successful relationship please hear out our case for how being healthy is actually totally awesome, exciting and anything but a reason to uncouple anyone. 

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