5 Reasons You’re Not Getting Results

8th July 2015

Last week we attended The Fit Festival in Edinburgh to deliver some educational presentations on nutrition, exercise and healthy living. We also had a stand at the show so we could chat to visitors and spread the Fitter Food love in person. We always enjoy any chance to meet new folk and offer advice and guidance to keep them progressing on their health and fat loss journey. However I head something at the weekend that I really want to address...

The Best Fat Loss Diet Ever…..FACT!

27th March 2015

We’ve been in this game a long time now and have invested a lot in our own personal education, not to mention read hundreds of books and worked with thousands of clients either 1-2-1 or via our online group coaching programmes. We feel we are in a position to confidently tell you about what we believe is the best diet for fat loss, feeling awesome and allowing you to live the life you deserve. Are you ready to find out what it is….?

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