The Best Fat Loss Diet Ever…..FACT!

We’ve been in this game a long time now and have invested a lot in our own personal education, not to mention read hundreds of books and worked with thousands of clients either 1-2-1 or via our online group coaching programmes. We feel we are in a position to confidently tell you about what we believe is the best diet for fat loss, feeling awesome and allowing you to live the life you deserve. Are you ready to find out what it is….?

The best diet for fat loss and long term success is…….

Here it comes……

The one you can stick to.

IMG_3957Yep that’s it! Sorry if you were expecting a fancy nutritional protocol that promises to end all of your health and fat loss woes. 

There are so many diets out there and whilst they might work on a temporary basis, a true solution is one that you can sustain and see yourself following long-term, because it works for you. That includes Paleo, low carb/ketogenic diet, flexible dieting, carb cycling, vegetarian diet and even intermittent fasting. If you ENJOY it, feel that it’s doing you some good and it gets you RESULTS, then go for it.

One thing most people forget to factor in is that whatever you decide it must be something you enjoy and don’t feel deprived by. It should feel effortless, almost second nature and of course complement your training and fat loss goals. So before you embark on your next nutritional challenge, ask yourself this question “Is this something I can see myself still doing in 1, 2 or 3 years time?”

If the answer is no then it’s probably not for you.

When we run our online plans or work with clients, we don’t look for quick fixes, calorie deprivation or short-term results, we think about a long-term approach which often involves more of a lifestyle change that our clients will benefit and be able to sustain.

Here are 3 really important things to consider when it comes to establishing what works for YOU:

1)   Enjoyment

10532866_809140532450874_5383033031599369700_nThe most important factor of all. Let’s face it; if you don’t enjoy the food you eat or your training sessions you simply won’t be motivated to stick to them, we have a limited supply of will power and it only takes a few crappy days before the diet and gym are tossed out the window as we seek some comfort elsewhere. It’s that simple. When it comes to health  enjoyment is paramount and far too many dismiss it, believing results are only achieved through boring, tasteless food and hardcore gym sessions that feel more like a prison sentence. We wrote our book The Paleo Primer to illustrate this shouldn’t be the case. Awesome tasty, nutritious food and some daily movement you enjoy is the key to you never having to diet again. Get your copy here

2)   Results

What’s the point in following a particular diet if it does not bring you the desired results? Just because it worked for someone else it does not mean it will work for you. On another note, question if these are sustainable results? We all know someone who can drop a few stones for a holiday only to spend 2 weeks gaining it all back! This brings us to the last point.

3)   Sustainability/Long-Term Results

If we had a pound for every time time we heard “I just want to lose XX amount for my holiday/wedding day” we would have retired by now. Short-term goals like these and little time to achieve them necessitates crash dieting. Massive calorie restriction equals rapid weight loss and you hit your target weight before your holiday, thinking you’re doing awesome hey? Well no not really as your metabolism goes crashing the floor meaning the minute you return to usual eating patterns on your holiday you rapidly gain the weight back – usually even more than you had to lose in the first place – as your body is grabbing and storing every available calorie. We cover diet disasters in more detail here .

At Fitter Food we’re all about long-term goals and sustainability of any nutrition and/or training plan. Across the various levels of Fat Loss Kickstarter we start on an elimination diet and then educate people about reintroducing foods, expanding their nutritional intake and having ‘free’ meals and desserts so it becomes a way of life that is easy to sustain.

So find out what works for you and give it time to see and feel the positive changes, assess and adapt accordingly from there. Does it make you feel good? Are you enjoying it? Are you getting the desired results?  Is this a long-term solution for me?

If the answer to any of the above is no then chances are you need to try something else. It may take some time to find the right approach for you but hang on in there and don’t be afraid to listen to your body over what any magazines might say.

We have a few spots left on our next Level 1 Fat Loss Kickstarter Programme starting in April, where we help you discover exactly what works for you whilst following our healthy template. We get results on this plan but best of all people love every minute including the food, training, education, interaction and focus on mindset.

Check it out here and come and join us.

Charlie Before and After

Yours in lifelong awesomeness,

Matt 🙂