Training Tips

Tales From The Gym Floor: Change Your MIND To Get Results

29th September 2015

See what I did there? This post is all about the power of the mind in achieving your goals? Sometimes you can really surprise yourself, which is exactly what happened to me in the gym the other day and it’s had a hugely positive impact on my training and my self belief, so I thought I'd share with you guys and hope it inspires you to harness the power of mindset across your goals. 

No Time To Train? No Problem!

9th September 2015

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you may have noticed we've been posting lots of 10 minute workout ideas. Some use only bodyweight exercises, some use kettlebells and others dumbbells or barbells, however they all have one thing in common. They last no more than 10 minutes and for good reason!

7 Ways To Improve Your Pull Up Training

24th February 2015

Ahh the good old pull up, an epic, old school exercise that needs bringing back with a vengeance. Not only are pull ups essential for building an awesome back, they are also a great measure of upper body strength. If you’re struggling to improve your reps, range or technique then check out our guide to perfecting your pull ups.

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