Matt’s Top Training : Change Your Grip to Build a Better Back

Fitter Food’s Matt Whitmore offers expert advice about training, nutrition and fat loss.

10672339_10153134130043079_6359664629628652678_nMost back exercises are performed with a pronated grip, not all, but its something that is certainly favoured more so over a supinated grip.

Rows, deadlifts, pull ups and lat pull downs are pretty popular back exercises and rightly so, they are all fantastic movements to improve posture and add mass to your back. However, many people are missing a trick as they rarely change their grip. It’s important to mix up the grip by varying the width of the grip and using pronated, supinated and neutral (palms facing in) grip variations.

My back workouts always feature a supinated grip exercise or two with supinated, wide grip pull ups and close grip supinated bent over rows being my favourites. This is a great way to mix up your back training and hit the muscles from different angles, your biceps will thank you for it too 🙂