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Matt’s Top Training Tip

Fitter Food’s Matt Whitmore offers expert advice about training, nutrition and fat loss.


Tip: Recovery Sessions

How often do you consciously do recovery sessions? I am talking about sessions you do specifically to enhance your recovery and progress.

For many time spent in the gym is all about pushing yourself as hard a possible which is great but remember we need to recover too, especially if we want to continue progressing.

When I think recovery I think blood flow, so movement is key and in between my demanding weight training sessions I love to do some low intensity non impact work, a good example is 45-60 minutes on a cross trainer at a moderate pace to really get the blood pumping.  Alternatively getting out for a nice long walk at a moderate pace that  elevates the heart rate but doesn’t tax me physically. Whack on some tunes or I often use this time to catch up on podcasts (you could tune into Fitter Food Radio!) and just get that body moving. Blood flow = recovery so be sure to include some recovery sessions on non lifting days.