Two Things I Know.. Mums

With Mother’s day fast approaching it seems the right time to share my two pence worth on what I know about mums and why it’s so important we make them feel special this weekend (and every weekend!). After all, a smile on your mums face is priceless – right?

10885013_10152578639877155_2502049775085530732_n1)   Mums Are Selfless 

I am sure everyone will agree that mums do anything for everyone, they are always there to lend a hand, hug or shoulder to lean on whenever you need. They go out of their way to make you happy whether you are 5, 16, 21 or 50 years old, your happiness always comes before their own.

This love and devotion to family is a beautiful thing and I have so much respect for mums across the world and the endless kindness they have for their children. That said it’s our job to acknowledge everything they do and make sure they feel appreciated, not to mention remind them them to look after themselves too. Don’t wait for special occasions like Christmas, birthdays or Mother’s day to do something for your mum, every once in a while send them a card or gift out of the blue and tell them why they’re so amazing. It doesn’t need to be extravagant; a bunch of flowers, a framed family photo or a day trip out all mean the world to mums so it’s really easy to do something you know will put a smile on her face.

I recently surprised my mum with tickets to a theatre show based upon her favourite film Harvey, I planned a whole day out and she was absolutely over the moon. This wasn’t a birthday present or a special occasion, I did it because I knew she would love it and the whole day meant the world to her. Which brings me to my next point….

2)   The Little Things Count To Mums

Both Keris and I have observed over the years that mums almost don’t like to be spoilt, they feel uncomfortable with it. In fact, how many times have you heard “save your pennies, go and spend them on yourselves.” Over the years I’ve often tried to treat my mum and splash out on some expensive gifts but more often than not she refuses the gesture (I had to return an iPad!) as she would rather I just spent some quality time with her. Mum’s love nothing more than time with their kids and who can blame them 😉

I’ve bought my mum Ugg boots, fancy jewelry and taken her to expensive restaurants BUT never seen her face light up as much as when I tell her we are having a day out together. She still talks about a day out in Brighton we had two years ago strolling along the pier and eating fish and chips on the beach.

Mums give up so much of their life to keep us on the straight and narrow, keep a roof over our heads and make sure there is a decent spread on the table yet we often get so caught up modern day living we take this for granted. Sometimes just popping in for a surprise cup of tea or ringing them up to tell them how much you love them will truly make their day. 

I haven’t written this post to patronise you or make you feel guilty for perhaps neglecting your mothers but because I once got so wrapped in my work I completely forgot my mum’s birthday one year and will never forgive myself for that. I was so caught up stressing about things that deep down don’t really matter that I forgot one of the most important days of the year. My mum completely understood and went out of her way to make me feel better about the situation (as mum’s do!) but it was a real turning point for me and I realised just how wrong my priorities were.

So here’s to mums, their awesome abilities to make everything right, their solutions to all of life’s problems and their unrivalled love towards their children. They’re one of your best friends in life so go and create some amazing memories with them that you can treasure forever.