Men’s Health

Hiking My Way to Health

12th June 2024

365 days ago I took myself off to Portugal for a few weeks to recover my health. When it was time to return home I realised I’d never felt more at home. So earlier this year Matt, Hamish and I…

Are You Corroding Inside?

24th January 2024

I recently ordered a set of blood tests as an annual health check. I asked Matt whether he’d like a test ordering and he responded with… ‘meh, not really’ I understand why, we’ve just paid out for some car…

Fitter Food Radio #176 – The Return of Matt & Keris

15th August 2023

After an extended break, Matt and Keris have returned to the airwaves and it sure is good to be back! They share: Why they took such a long break Why we all crave human connection Life lately, including why…

Do you wake up stiff in the morning?

24th September 2012

When I ask "do you wake up stiff in the morning?" I'm not referring to your knee joints here or your lower back. I'm talking about your morning wood, morning glory, are you pitching a tent when you wake up? Still don’t know what I’m talking about?

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