Fitter Flexibility – Challenge Your Body

1st October 2011

Fitter London is now offering Dynamic Vinyasa Power Yoga,  an energetic and challenging form of yoga with flowing movement.  It improves strength, flexibility, balance and alignment.

Cracking Coconut Cake

28th September 2011

Did you know during the French Revolution when they ran out of flour for bread Marie Antoinette said “Qu'ils mangent de la brioche” (let them eat cake!) what a great lady, she knew about coconut cake all along!

Time to Ditch Deodorant and Get Sweaty

27th September 2011

Did you know women diagnosed with breast cancer are informed not to used deodorant?  The reason behind this is the aluminium content of deodorant which has been strongly linked to cancer.  Find out how you can test the levels of aluminium and other toxic metals within your body.

Nutritional Cleanse

6th September 2011

What is a Nutritional Cleanse? The 7 day cleanse was created by Dr Robert Rokowski and taught to me by strength coach Charles Poliquin as part of the BioSignature Modulation in Sweden.  It involves unlimited consumption of medical food powders and green drinks or green vegetables every day. The elimination of all other foods and these drinks take the body through an intense process of detoxification.

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