There is more to life than bread, chocolate and alcohol.

We all have our favourite foods, beverages and past times, some are healthier than others but that’s all good. What we do and what we eat has a huge impact on our energy, mood and outlook so it’s important we get it right. It’s also important that the wrong things don’t dictate our emotions.

Matt Holiday Wine PicnicI am a huge fan of bacon, coffee, bread, beer, pizza and anything to do with chocolate, yet I know I should not consume these things on a regular basis as much as I would love to at times.

Despite having a decent physique I don’t kid myself into thinking consuming these things too often will have zero impact on my health.  More importantly, my mood is not dictated by whether or not I have them so I’m perfectly happy to go without or simply have as a treat once in a while.

There really is more to life than junk food and alcohol. Or at least there should be…….

The above statement seems obvious but for many people who I come across daily the thought of a weekend without a drink and a few treats is a life not worth living at all. Are people not capable of having a good time anymore without being drunk? Is there so little going on in your life that going without McDonalds for a week is enough to make you need a Prozac prescription? I mean come on! I love bread, I mean proper bread from the bakery, not the processed shit that lasts a fortnight. The stuff that goes hard the next day, that’s the kind of bread I love. Yet I cut bread from my diet over 2 years ago for health reasons and although I missed it I have far more important things in my life to feel deprived by the fact I am not consuming bread. I of course have some bread every now and again and I still love it. Besides, I feel awesome since cutting it out so it makes sense to continue right? I have met some people who make out it’s the end of the world because toast is off the menu. I can’t help but think “it’s bread, get the fuck over it”. Hear me out here, no one likes to feel deprived and no one should. If your mood is dictated by what you eat and drink then for me this speaks volumes about of your life and  your diet. What you eat should no doubt make you feel awesome but i’m talking all day and every day without cravings and dips in energy, it should not provide a temporary fix. I am using bread as an example here but the same goes for chocolate, alcohol and other processed crap that many have become reliant on in modern times.

I have proper mates who are just as much fun to be around sober as when we are drunk.

I am not saying you have crap friends if every time you catch up it involves booze nor am I suggesting you stop having a drink. We all love a drink and I have never suggested any of my clients give up drinking for good but I do suggest they cut down. I love a cold beer and I used to drink far too much and far too often but I had to fix up. When I catch up with pals for a drink we have a great time, when I catch up with pals and we don’t have a drink, guess what? We have a great time. Don’t use drinking as a reason to catch up with friends, you should be able to meet with pals over coffee, sport, lunch whatever.  If they are true buds then that should not be a problem.

If your happiness is dictated by food and poor quality food at that then there is a real problem. 

I love eating great tasting yet healthy food and therefore I am not suggesting you start eating cucumbers wrapped in lettuce or chicken marinated in nothing. Don’t get the wrong impression of the point I am trying to make here. Enjoy and appreciate what you eat and ensure it makes you feel top dollar day in day out. Your life is far more important than bread, chocolate and the like. Yeah it tastes good but it shouldn’t make you miserable if you don’t have it every day. Every now and again sure just don’t go crazy. Understand that having amazing friends and family is what life is about, surrounding yourself with awesome people and pursuing activities and a life style that enhances your health and well being should be what’s important to you. Not a chocolate bar that lasts 30 seconds or 8 pints that leave you with a hangover. Bring back the capability of enjoying yourself without alcohol and a night in without a take away. It is possible, you just need to change the way you look at things and what it is that makes you happy.

Move daily, eat awesome food and live your life smiling.