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Fitter Food 21 Day Kickstarter [DOWNLOAD]


Feel fitter, happier and healthier!

The 21 Day Kickstarter contains everything you need to kickstart healthy habits, lose weight and feel great. Download your plans now.


Are you struggling to get your healthy habits back on track?

Would you like to:

🙌🏼 Feel fitter, happier healthier
🙅🏼‍♀️ Lose weight and get leaner
💤 Improve sleep quality
🥸 Have more energy and concentration
🍏 Try delicious quick and easy, healthy recipes

Whether you’re at the starting line of your health and fitness journey or just need a quick kickstart to get things back on track our 21 Day Kickstarter is the perfect tool to reinvigorate your health.

21 Day Kickstarter - Everything You Need to Kickstart Healthy Habits

The 21 Day Kickstarter provides all the practical information you need to lose weight and feel great 💪

It includes our legendary great tasting recipes, effective workout plans for all ability levels, and the information you need to get the very best results AND make them last.

We’ve worked with 100o’s of men and women over the last 10 years supporting them with healthy habits. The good news is there is SO much you can do in terms of adapting your nutrition, physical activity, and mindset to get your health back on track.

The 21 Day Kickstarter gets results and includes access to:

  • 21 Day Calorie Sign-posted Mixed-Diet Meal Plan [PDF]
  • 21 Day Calorie Sign-posted Vegetarian Meal Plan [PDF]
  • Home-based (Kettlebell/Weights) Training Plan [PDF]
  • Gym-based Training Plan [PDF]
  • Bodyweight Training Plan [PDF]
  • BONUS: Smashing Smoothies eBook [PDF]
*Each training plan is split into beginner or intermediate/advanced depending on your fitness level

21 Day Kickstarter - Jane Mowat Quote


🍽 21 Day Meal Plans

Included in Kickstarter are two 21 Day Menopause Meal Plans – one mixed diet which includes meat and fish and one vegetarian. Both have all the practical information and recipes you need to kickstart your healthy eating regime. They are packed with easy-to-follow guidance about what to eat, when, and how much. All the recipes include calorie signposting to help you meet your energy requirements. There’s also guidance on weight loss, adapting meals for friends, partners, and the family, a pantry, and a sample meal plan to help inspire your personal menu. The meal plans include exclusive new recipes.

🏋🏽21 Day Training Plans

Included are six 21 Day Training Plans which have been expertly designed by Matt to help you increase strength, burn fat, build muscle and improve overall fitness. You can choose the right plan for you depending on your fitness level and the equipment you have available. Each exercise has links to a short demonstration video and tips from Matt so you can ensure your form is correct and you prevent injury.

⚡️ BONUS: Smashing Smoothie eBook
Smoothies are quick, easy, convenient, nutritious, simple to make and oh so tasty! But what should you include in them to ensure they give maximum health (and taste!) benefit? Our handy guide has all the essential info on creating the perfect ‘Fitter’ blend alongside a step-by-step guide to adding the right types of fats, proteins, greens and more. We also share our top tips on smoothie superfoods plus our honest reviews on the latest smoothie gadgets. There are over 20 smoothie recipes for you to enjoy.




About Fitter Food

Keris and Matt and Hamish of Fitter FoodKeris Marsden and Matt Whitmore are experts in nutrition, fitness and healthy living, with over 20 years’ experience between them.

Together they founded Fitter Food, an innovative new approach to primal nutrition, and have helped thousands of people regain control of their bodies with healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits.


Keris Marsden – NT Dip CNM, BA Hons, mBANT, Qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer
Matt Whitmore – Qualified Strength and CrossFit Coach, Personal Trainer and Health Coach


  1. I previously did the group Kickstarter Programme, is this plan for me?
    The recipes and training plans included in this download are from the January 2022 Kickstarter which we ran as a live group programme. If you joined in in January 2022 then you already have this content. If you were part of the Jan 2021 OR the May 2021 Kickstarter groups you have not received these plans and it’s absolutely worth purchasing this download for new ideas and recipes.
  2. I’m a vegetarian is the meal plan suitable for me?
    Yes, we provide a mixed diet plan AND a vegetarian plan on the Kickstarter. Plus many of our recipes can be adapted for vegetarians.
  3. What format is the Kickstarter in?
    The Kickstarter is a series of downloadable PDFs and includes training plans and a meal plan.
  4. Is group support (eg. Facebook Group) included in this Kickstarter download?
    The downloadable 21 Kickstarter doesn’t include any additional support via a Facebook group or email. Though we always do our best to answer any questions that arise during your time on the plan if you email them in.

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