5 Lessons From A Lifetime in the Gym

9th January 2016

I’m a self confessed exercise addict and I’ve touched on this subject in a previous blog on body image because that’s where my training journey started out. I felt miserable, tired and my trousers were too tight. I started jogging (if you can call it that, I only lasted 10 minutes on my first few attempts) and immediately felt happier, full of energy and my trousers finally fitted again. For me exercise was the solution to EVERYTHING. Over the years I came to rely on endorphins every single day as they transformed my outlook, personality and sense of positivity, to the point you really wouldn’t want to meet me on a rest day.

4 Awesome Reasons To Do HIIT

24th November 2015

You've probably gathered by now that we're a massive pair of foodies, but we also love training and something we're huge fans of and include in our own workouts and programs is HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). You've likely heard of it by now but in case you haven’t it involves switching between short bursts of high intensity exercise and periods of rest at a lower intensity. For example, sprinting full pace for 20 seconds followed by walking for 40 seconds and repeating say 8-12 times, that is interval training. HIIT is a great fat loss tool that gets fantastic results, in case you need a little more convincing here are my 4 reasons to get involved in HIIT today.

Crimbo, Calories and Fat Loss

17th November 2015

It’s nearly Christmas and I'm so looking forward to it! Spending time with loved ones, chilling out and enjoying some of my favourite treats including Yule log, short bread and mulled wine... yum. I can’t lie I'm a sucker for festive treats, they have sentimental value and as I'm just a big kid at heart I don't need much persuading to indulge.

Turn Fat Loss Problems Into Solutions

26th August 2015

We've all heard this great  saying: “don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions!” but the truth is people often feel so paralysed by the problems they are blind to the many solutions available to get back on track or resolve the issue.

Pimp Your Workout

5th October 2011

When was the last time you shaved 3 minutes off your 5k run time? Are you adding weights to your barbell every week? Is your recovery improving enough to allow shorter rest in your interval training? An effective training programme should get you faster, stronger and fitter.  You should see and feel results. 

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