Build Muscle

Pimp Your Workout

When was the last time you shaved 3 minutes off your 5k run time? Are you adding weights to your barbell every week? Is your recovery improving enough to allow shorter rest in your interval training? An effective training programme should get you faster, stronger and fitter.  You should see and feel results. 

What up!

 It’s easy to just go through the motions at the gym, dragging yourself through the same old routine every week.  Boring, ineffective and just not gangsta!  At Fitter London we pride ourselves on achieving weekly progressions in training.   Pimpin your workout requires some simple mac daddy changes that will have you feeling off the hizzle fo shizzle in no time. 



Get SMART with your Training

Why are you training? What do you want to achieve from your exercise regime? If you want to lose fat, then how much? And by when? You want to deadlift heavier ….. 10kg more? 30kg more? For 1 rep or 5 reps? Whatever your goal it has to be specific otherwise how do you know you’ve got there?  Sweeping statements like “I want to be strong” or “I want to lose weight” won’t cut it.  Write yourself some SMART  objectives:

  • Measureable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timebound

It’s essential to quantify your goal so you can measure progress and if it isn’t working revise your strategy.  Set yours today  ….increase running distance from 5k to 10k in 4 weeks  or add 30kg to your 1 rep max deadlift in 3 months…… this is what you call keeping it gangsta!

Have a Plan Man

Once you have a goal map out a plan to get there.  Structure is the key so take time to  plan each week, each session, each minute!  Prioritise  your training and don’t forget the essentials that assist you in hitting  your goal including mobility and recovery, see below.

LOG Progress

Progress will keep you motivated and on track and if it ain’t happening it’s time to revise your game plan.  Record details of your training session.   All athletes record dates, times, order of exercises, repetitions, weight, duration and rest periods.  This will give you a clear action plan for your workout and will highlight where you can improve/progress next time round.

Mobility exercises: more than just arm chair aerobics!

Mobilty is largely ignored by the majority of people yet the benefits and importance can never be underestimated.  Without mobility training you’re guaranteeing yourself a fast track ticket to injuryville!  Devote at least 10 minutes (longer if you time) to full body mobility warm up drills, starting from the neck and progress down to ankles.  This will get the joints warm and prepare them for action.

Rest, Recover, Repair

There is a common misconception when it comes to exercise that more is better this is not always the case.   When embarking on any training regime it’s so important to take rest into consideration (and not just on Sundays!)  If you don’t allow sufficient time to recover (a good diet and plenty of sleep are also key) then you will reduce your chances of training success.  Common effects of overtraining include injury, fatigue, low testosterone, estrogen dominance and your progress will just plateau.  Without sufficient rest you will burn out, enough said!  Walking, stretching, yoga, meditation are all essential to your training.

So husslers, take the above points on board whatever your goal and get pimpin Fitter London style. Just don’t start wearing your trousers half way down your bum because that just looks stupid.