Fitter Food Radio #146 – Lockdown Life

8th May 2020

In this episode of Fitter Food Radio, we discuss adaptations we have made during lockdown life including nutrition, exercise, relationships, and emotional health. Plus why the Fitter 365 community has been essential to keep us focused during this…

Why is My Naff Tattoo So Special?

25th May 2018

So I have a tattoo. I wish I could tell you that I spent hours contemplating this permanent print on my body but the truth is I googled some tattoo designs and just got it done. Why? Because I was unhappy and I desperately needed change in so many aspects of my life.

The One Resolution You Need To Make For Me

31st December 2017

The last year hasn’t been the easiest at times as so many people I love and care about had their lives negatively effected by chronic disease and despite having brilliant medical care, it just wasn’t enough.

The In Denial Diet: A Sure Fire Fat Loss Fail

28th October 2014

Do you ever feel like your efforts to be healthy aren’t bringing the expected fat loss results Perhaps you’ve fallen into the trap of the 'In Denial Diet' and are continuing with  underlying behaviour which is significantly hindering your progress. Take a moment to read some of the typical traits below and see if they ring any familiar bells...

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