The One Resolution You Need To Make For Me

The last year hasn’t been the easiest at times as so many people I love and care about had their lives negatively effected by chronic disease and despite having brilliant medical care, it just wasn’t enough.

So I’ve been pretty busy.

It started with a cancer scare for my mum, which led to me running blood tests on both my parents and accidentally discovering my dad had a kidney tumour. Matt sadly lost his step dad to type 2 diabetes and pulmonary disease. My granddad was placed in care suffering from Alzheimers and my gran, who has osteoporosis, fell before Xmas, fractured her pelvis and ended up pretty much wheelchair bound.

One thing that has really struck me about chronic disease is that it doesn’t just effect the person inflicted with illness, it impacts everyone around them, lives are changed and sometimes permanently.

So what is the ONE resolution that I need you to make for me?

I need YOU to get your sh*t together in 2018.

If you know you need to make some positive changes, just blinkin well DO IT.

Stop proscrastinating and making excuses, it’s not fair on your body and it’s not fair on those that love you.

The science and research is already there. Your lifestyle has a massive impact on your physical and mental health:

Fitter Food has worked hard over the last 5 years to make sure you have all the resources you need, if you’re ready then Fitter 16 is our lifestyle transformation plan stacked with educational information and tools to kickstart your journey to transform how you eat, move, sleep, rest and recover.

Fitter 365 is a fantastic community of members with ongoing support, monthly meal plans and informative videos and webinars and our books offer almost 300 recipes so you’ll never be short on tasty, healthy food to eat.

We’ve devoted ourselves to making sure YOU have everything you need, so in the words of one wise little dude…

“Do it or do not, there is no try” Yoda

You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.

Happy New Year and let’s raise a green tea to you leading a FITTER lifestyle in 2018.

Keris, Matt and Hamish xxx