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Overcoming Burnout – Lessons from Portugal

Earlier this year I decided to head to Portugal for the summer and was fortunate to be able to take 4 weeks completely off work.

I was burnt out and struggling with some digestive issues worsened by Covid.

I stayed on my own and disconnected from the world.

I deleted social media apps from my phone and kept email checks minimal.

Too often I’d thrown myself into work and ignored snowballing symptoms that suggested I should be taking it easier.

A big lesson I’ve learned in the last few years is this:

You can resource your body with the best food, top-quality supplements and a decent dose of exercise BUT if you don’t strike a balance with your mental and emotional health your body will take charge of the situation for you.

I had no boundaries and a combination of ego, lack of self-esteem and a desire to prove myself as relevant contributed hugely to my health issues.

Environments are powerful drivers of these.

So hanging out between the mountains and the sea, soaking up the energy of the sun, and just standing on my own in awe of Mother Nature helped me to breathe again.

A much-needed shift in consciousness and awareness took place and as the daily chatter decreased in volume I was able to ask myself some important questions:

  • Was I truly happy?
  • Did I like how my future looked?
  • Was I making the most of life?
  • What really makes me smile and lifts me?
  • How many of my decisions were based on expectations, obligations and ‘should dos’ as opposed to what I really wanted?
The time has led to long and life-changing conversations with Matt and we’re working on ensuring we love the answers to all the above questions.
As for my day-to-day life, I can’t lie, it’s much harder now I’m home and back in the thick of work stress, social media, traffic jams and shite weather.
But each day I remind myself I have a choice.
No matter where I am, I can be conscientious, conscious in my thoughts and care for myself.
So as we head into a New Year filled with new opportunities I want to invite you to ask yourself the same questions above.
If the answers aren’t what you need them to be then make a change.
Create a life you truly love