mark sisson

‘Consciously Uncoupled’ Over Kale

19th August 2014

So apparently Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin 'consciously uncoupled' over a green smoothie. Wow we knew kale was pretty powerful stuff but making or breaking a marriage, that's heavy!  Before you ditch the spirulina for a Big Mac in a bid to improve your chances of a successful relationship please hear out our case for how being healthy is actually totally awesome, exciting and anything but a reason to uncouple anyone. 

The Fitter Food Solution

2nd April 2014

So mainstream media is catching onto the Paleo approach, especially when it comes to that all important, ever present goal of fat loss.  In 2013, Paleo was the most googled diet and this week clinical studies have announced - “Caveman diet twice as effective as modern diets when trying to lose weight”

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