Addicted to Social Media?

We all know alcohol, smoking, sugar have the potential to be addictive but social media, emails and work aren’t really much different. Our brain surges with dopamine when we head online and if there’s nothing exciting we go on the hunt for interaction and information.The problem here is that we’re often missing out on being in the moment. Precious time can fly by as you keep your brain excessively busy.

Are you addicted to social media?Social relationships can also suffer as a result of the way we spread our attention then struggle to follow a conversation, appearing disinterested, distracted and borderline rude to real time company ?

It’s also pretty exhausting for our brain which is constantly multi tasking as we fear missing out and not being stimulated for a single second.

Of course these things are likely to be necessary as part of your work and social life, they also provide great online communities and connections which play a POSITIVE role in your life. It’s just important to reflect upon the time you spend texting or typing and implement some balance and moderation.

Because these gadgets are here to stay it’s helpful to have a couple of steps to recalibrate from time to time and ensure you have some quality time offline to match all the ?? you do.

?Turn off data/wifi on your mobile when hanging out with friends and family. Make your phone a ☎️ again.

?‍? Switch of the wifi in your home earlier in the evenings or place phones, laptops and iPads in another room whilst you relax and won’t be tempted to check.

? Switch your phone to airplane overnight and start pushing back the time you come back online, enjoy having an hour or so to yourself in the morning.

Head out for a phone free walk from time to time, enjoy the break from technology and the feeling of being stimulated by your natural environment instead

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