Cancer Support: (9) 10 Take Aways From Our Cancer Support Series

10 Takeaways from our cancer support

Through this cancer support series (search cancer on our blog if you missed the previous posts) my aim has been to educate via sharing the latest research on cancer and empower you with the tools you need to make a positive change to your health.

Here are my top 10 takeaways for you to consider:

  1. If you’re born after 1960 there’s a 1 in 2 chance you may be diagnosed with cancer, around 375, 000 cases occur each year BUT around 4 in 10 (or 135,000) could be prevented.
  2. Early diagnosis makes a considerable difference to treatment options and outcomes. Always seek professional help for any unusual symptoms and consider having regular check-ups or health MOT’s, especially after the age of 50.
  3. Whilst cancer risks and rates are rising there is plenty you CAN do to lower your personal risk or support treatment outcomes following a diagnosis.
  4. Nutrition plays a fundamental role in supporting your immune system to address carcinogenic processes that occur all the time within the body. Equally, should you require medical interventions, good nutritional status is imperative for recovery and future prevention.
  5. Burnt foods, excessively hot drinks, alcohol, smoking, low fibre intake and a lack of fruit and vegetables are positively associated with cancer risk. Nutritional supplements should be used under professional guidance, excessive amounts can fuel cancer processes and many are contraindicated with treatments.
  6. Research is gradually establishing that the gut microbiome plays a key role in cancer risk, prevention and the effectiveness of treatments. Diet, lifestyle, and environment have a profound influence on the balance of organisms that live in and on you.
  7. Mental health can be an indirect contributor to cancer and other chronic diseases by causing destructive habits or generating excessive emotional stress. The chemical alterations it causes, including the immune chemicals, may also make you more vulnerable to the onset of disease. Incorporating activities and habits into your day that help balance your emotions and strengthen your resilience to stress and negativity will be highly effective in future-proofing your health.
  8. External environments, including the company you keep, have the power to be medicinal. Get outside daily, spend time in nature and hang with people that make you feel good. Limit your exposure to energy vampires and those that take advantage of your kindness and desire to please. Heaven forbid should anything occur and the chips are down, it’s almost guaranteed they’re nowhere to be seen.
  9. Exercise and daily movement are imperative for optimal immune and hormone health. Walking is enough but aim to find some exercise you enjoy, ideally with new skills and social elements to really capitalise on the benefits.
  10. There are no guarantees but the choices you make daily influence not only your risk of cancer and other chronic diseases but also your quality of life. Self-care, boundaries and emotional awareness are important skills to implement daily.

You only get one chance at this so make the most of every minute AND look after yourself.

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