Cancer Support

Cancer Support: (7) Eating Organic & Pesticide Exposure

16th March 2022

  When looking at prevention another area to question is whether you should switch to an organic diet to lower your risk of cancer. This requires looking at two things: firstly the association between pesticide exposure and cancer. Secondly,…

Cancer Support: (5) Your Personal Genetic Risk

2nd March 2022

  When it comes to cancer, it’s also helpful to consider your personal and family health history. This can help influence your approach to either lowering your cancer risk, seeking support for a diagnosis, as well as putting in…

Cancer Support: (4) Practical Steps to Lower Your Risk

24th February 2022

Last week we considered nutrition choices during cancer treatment and reminded ourselves that as cancer is taking place all the time, our bodies have robust mechanisms in place to keep the process under control. A sensible measure is to…

Cancer Support: (1) Stats and Facts

4th February 2022

Today is World Cancer Day 2022. If you were born after 1960 there’s a 1 in 2 chance of you developing cancer in your lifetime. By those odds, it could be Matt or I. A pretty frightening thought I’m sure you’ll agree and one of the reasons I decided to complete a 3-day cancer nutrition course run by The Institute For Optimum Nutrition. The research around cancer in relation to nutrition is mounting and the course was a great way to get up to speed on the latest research. This will allow me to confidently support my clients and loved ones, plus check my nagging was evidence-based 😉

Fitter Food Radio #174 Revisiting Cancer

20th November 2021

This week on Fitter Food Radio Keris and Matt revisit the topic of cancer and discuss: Facts and figures around cancer The processes that take place with cancer and how genetics play a role Why check-ups and reporting symptoms…

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