Feeling Super Human

A client recently said to me…. “Keris I feel like you’re superhuman with all your nutrition lecturing, yoga and running. I’m so far away from where I’d like to be, it’s frustrating and at times feels pointless!”

I hear ya 🤔

Keris is feeling super human

As much as I love a bit of X Men I can assure you of three things….

1) I’m just like all of you and regularly find myself in the exact same position, I still look ahead and wish I could DO that, BE that or KNOW all that stuff 😯 That never ends, but you get better at acknowledging your wins and reflecting on your progress.

2) We’re all super humans 👊

3) Superhumanism can only thrive if you make lots of mistakes, experience some false starts or mishaps, get over them and get right back to it 🙌

It might help to know…

My first run lasted about 4 minutes (literally that scene from Peep Show) I got a stitch and collapsed 😩

My first attempt at public speaking was the most horrific experience, I was sweating, shaking and tripping over words – it became my nemesis for a VERY along time 😳

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve fallen off gym machines, propelled myself over bike handle bars, couldn’t answer a question, gave the wrong answer, stacked it out of a yoga pose…

BUT I always go back for more.

It’s thanks to my dad who told me this as a teenager…

“The strongest people in life face their fears, rise to the challenge, get knocked down and come back stronger 💪🙌

If you can adapt and progress during times of uncertainty and within an uncomfortable environment you’re ability to evolve and grow will make always you a force to be reckoned with in the future.

So no you can’t give up university and come home!” 😂

It’s a conversation I play over in my head on a regular basis, I hope his wise words speak to you too 🙌

Just REMEMBER whatever is feeling tough for you at the moment will make you superhuman a little while from now  and if you do need a little extra support and some accountability to smash your health goals this year then check out Fitter 16.

We’re here to ensure you’re the best version of yourself you can possibly be. 

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