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4 ‘Stress Less’ Investments

We often talk about the benefits of reducing stress in our lives. Whilst some acute stress is beneficial and needed from time-to-time (e.g. elevated cortisol is a must in the morning as it gets us out of bed ready to attack the day), these days stress is all around us. Too many people are suffering from chronic stress which increases fat storage, ruins our thyroid and negatively impacts our hormones, not to mention makes us feel pretty crappy. Oh and if you want to build muscle whilst excessively stressed, good luck!

contactRecently our workload has been incredibly high and we’ve been feeling a little more on edge than normal. A combination of moving a couple of times, trying to find a new home and still trying to find time for each other and our health means we have had to do our best to switch off, reduce cortisol and make sure our awesomeness does not get compromised!

I am not saying eliminating stress entirely is easy, however, we can do our bit to reduce it or simply inject some calm into our lives and put a smile on our face with some quick and simple measures.

Here are 4 ‘stress less’ investments I have made recently which have definitely helped me chill the hell out!

Colour In To Reduce StressStress Less Investment Number One: I Got A Colouring Book

As a kid colouring in was always SO much fun! An easy, mindful task and a good way to pass some time. Recently adult colouring books have had a surge in popularity and are all the rage.

We love it and have been recommending a good colouring in session to clients for a while. In fact, last night I spent an hour colouring in before bed and did not think about work once. Highly recommend.



Listen To Music To Reduce StressStress Less Investment Number Two: I Purchased The UB40 Greatest Hits Album

I have always loved UB40 ever since I was a kid. Such soulful music that you can’t help but sing along to at the top of your voice. Not only does music chill me out but it puts a huge smile on my face, as it brings back such lovely memories of my childhood. It’s been great having some of my favourite CDs in the car for a good old sing song when driving around.

So download some old school tunes that take you back to happy times, take your mind off things and make you smile to help restore your inner calm.



Get Organised to Stress LessStress Less Investment Number Three: I Got A New Whiteboard

This one may confuse you! I love a white board to record my thoughts, ideas and weekly tasks. It’s a simple thing, but it makes me feel more organized when I can see my week mapped out on a white board that’s regularly in my eye line. When we moved recently we left ours in the office and I miss it dearly.


You may not need a white board for the task, perhaps a notepad or a sticky note on the fridge would do the job for you. We are huge fans of creating to do lists, or writing meals for the week to help stay on top of things. After all, ticking things off is very satisfying!


Use Magnesium Oil to Combat StressStress Less Investment Number Four: I Stocked Up On Epsom Salts And Magnesium Spray

With all the moving about and not always having access to a bath I really missed my Epsom salts soak after a long day. However, now we have a bath again I stocked up and I’m really felling the benefit.

Invest in a 30 min soak in an Epsom salts bath 2-3 times a week and you’ll soon see a difference in your stress levels. I like to lie back, read a book and CHILL.

I have also got back into the habit of applying magnesium topically in the evening to help aid recovery. It’s an incredibly relaxing routine and I am sleeping like a baby. Better You have a great range so check them out.

There’s nothing ground breaking here, just some simple ideas to help reduce stress and aid your awesomeness. Remember to invest in you and that doesn’t just mean money, it means time and effort. BOSH!