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Front Crawling to Beat Brain Fog

Since having Covid I’ve not been able to exercise like I used to.

I have to be mindful of the intensity and muscular tension.

This is doubly frustrating as my symptoms really impact my ability to concentrate.

I feel like I have attention deficit disorder most of the time and exercise really helps me focus.

A friend had suggested I try swimming as something low-intensity that won’t create as much physical tension.

I’d not been to a swimming bath for over ten years so took the plunge and I loved it.

Keris SwimmingNot only is it light cardio and mobility all in one, but re-learning the different strokes has meant it’s a mindful activity that ensures I calm my chattering mind and escape work which all helps hugely with brain fog.

I often grab a sauna too if I have time so it’s become a mini retreat in a busy week.

If you’re struggling with injuries, health issues or other life challenges don’t give up altogether on movement.

Don’t ruminate on what you used to be able to do instead start exploring alternatives. 

There are so many things you can likely do but may not have tried.

The process of mastering a new exercise skill is also brilliant for your confidence, mood and motivation.

All of these are helpful if life is throwing you a few curveballs right now.

What could you try that you’ve always wanted to do? Something to ponder.

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